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Hello loverly,

I am Juliet – blogger, diy’er, furniture flipper, vintage admirer, and a tea & tisane lover.

My favorite home decor style is inspired by French Country Cottage, but with a loverly twist I like to call French COZY Cottage.
I have been repurposing found objects and flipping furniture for 30 years.

This blog allows me to share my tips and tricks for giving new life to neglected pieces of furniture.

You will find more than furniture transformations at A loverly life.

I will be featuring charming DIY’s, gardening tips, and tasty recipes sprinkled with stories of my chaotic, but loverly life. 

Between my business Loverly Cottage and my home, the little loverly cottage, I am always working on projects to share with you. 

I am also excited to share my ever growing list of favorite places to acquire vintage finds for a French Cozy Cottage inspired home.

I live in a cozy little rental home near Lake Michigan, affectionately referred to as “my little loverly cottage.” Some of my favorit ways to unwind include sitting by the fire sipping a cup of tea or walking on the beach searching for sea glass.

I hope to learn about your journey, too.

A loverly life is also about spending time with friends to share our stories with.

Finding the loverly in the everyday, is what the journey is all about. 

It’s not about striving for a perfect life, it’s about starting each day fresh that makes it a loverly life.

Let’s embrace the things that make our lives unique, even when life is chaotic and imperfect. 

Thank you for sharing your time with me, because my life becomes more loverly when I can share it with you.

à bientôt – Juliet