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How to Make Caramel Chocolate Covered Pretzel Logs

You know those fancy caramel chocolate covered pretzel logs that pop up during the holidays?
They are so yummy, and disappear so quickly.

The perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Have you ever made them before?
Luck you, today I am going to share with you how to make my super easy chocolate caramel pretzel logs.

First, let’s start with the basic pretzel logs.

I prefer the ones that come in the rigid container, because they seem to do a better job of keeping the pretzels from breaking.

Mostly 🙂

With an lid that helps keep them fresh.

And you can always repurpose the lided containers!

Next, grab your favorite chocolate chips and put them in a microwave safe container.

Microwave them at 20 – 30 second intervals, stirring in between.

Be careful not to over cook them

It only took a minute to melt these.

Then add your deliciously melted chocolate chips to a piping bag.

Or a plastic baggy will work.
It doesn’t need to be too fancy.

Then use a pair of sharp scissors to snip the tip of the bag.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or use silicone baking mats.

I can’t live with out my silicone baking mats

Here are a few of may favorites:

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Silicone baking mats keep the caramel chocolate pretzels from sticking to the sheet.

It also makes for a much easier cleanup!

Let’s get back to our caramel chocolate covered pretzel logs.

Now, pipe thick lines of chocolate about 1/2 or 3/4 of the length of your pretzel.

You don’t want to cover the entire pretzel.

Leaving a bit of pretzel at the end provides a handle to keep hands clean for easier monching.

Press your pretzel logs gently in to the melted chocolate.

This holds your pretzel logs in place while you add a layer of caramel and top with chocolate.

Once you have a sheet filled with pretzel rods and chocolate, melt a bit of caramel.

You can use my homemade caramel recipe or store bought caramels.

My fleu de sel honey caramel can be found here.

They are so yummy and decadent.

If you use store bought caramels, they are a bit more firm than my home made caramel.

With store bought caramel, add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream an about a dozen caramel candies to a microwave safe bowl.

Microwave about 30 seconds at a time, stir in between so that the caramel doesn’t burn.

Once the caramel is melted, use a spoon to add caramel to the tops of the pretzel logs.

Not too much, or it will fall off!
I think you can see one of those WHOOPSIES above.

Hey, it happens, perfection is over rated.

Once you have all the pretzels covered in melty caramel, pop them in to the fridge for 15 – 30 minutes so that the caramel can firm up.

Then melt a bit more chocolate to the piping bag and zig zag chocolate ribbons over the tops of the caramel coated pretzels.

Once you have them coated, pop them back in the fridge to firm up.

Yummers – they look so good.

Creamy chocolate over honey caramel on top of salty pretzels.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Once the chocolate is firm, we are going to add some embellishments!

I grabbed some festive red candy melts from the pantry.

Candy melts can be found online, but I picked these up at Michaels, or JoAnn’s.

I always grab a couple colors when they are on sale!

The white candy coating I found by the pound at Target of all places!

I get it by the pound because I use it quite often.

You won’t need much candy coating, so only melt a bit at a time.

For the white, simply added one block of the white and about 1 2 dozen of the red candy melts to microwave safe bowls.

Melt each for 30 seconds at time.

Don’t forget to stir in between.

It doesn’t take much time for them to melt.

And we don’t want the candy melts to burn, yuck.

Add your melted melts to a piping bag or plastic baggie

Then snip the tip of the baggie

Just a wee bit, for a smaller ribbon of chocolate

Then have fun and make little ribbons along the length of the chocolate with the white candy coating.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

I used the red next

added the melted red melts to a baggie

and a wee snip of the baggie tip

I TRIED to make a bow

it did not look very nice

I think I need to practice bows a bit more

how about some more red zig zag ribbons?

Have fun with the melts

I piped zig zags


little dots

and a sad little bow

So they aren’t perfect

but they were made with love

and my home made fleur de sel caramel

honestly, anything coated in caramel and chocolate can steal my heart

Oh my goodness, they are so good!

You can use any color of melts to customize them for the season.

Or coordinate colors for an event, like a birthday or shower.

Just have fun with them.

Maybe have the little ones help, too!

Just don’t forget to leave a little space at the end for a handle.

Make sure to check out all the fun recipes

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