How to Propagate Roses from Cuttings

In my humble opinion, one can never have too many roses. Did you know that you can propagate roses from the long stem roses you purchase at the grocery store or cut from a garden?

– Sharp garden shears – Rose cuttings from a rose bush or floral arrangement – Rooting hormone – Empty water jug – Potting soil – Planters

Here's What You Need:

Remove all the leaves from the cutting and then place the cuttings into a jar filled with water.  New leaves will start to pop in 1-2 weeks.

Once new leaves pop up, it's time to plant.  Fill you pots with potting soil and use your finger to make holes in the dirt to place the stems.

Then dip about an inch of the stem bottom into the rooting hormone. Tap off the excess rooting hormone and stick it in the pot.

Water your roses. The water will help them pull nutrients from the soil and encourage roots to grow.

Then CAREFULLY cut the bottom off a clear water jug with a sharp pair of scissors and place it on top of your stems.

Place your mini green houses with your rose cuttings in a sunny location. Keep an eye on the moisture levels.


Check moisture levels weekly

They may not all make it.

Some leaves may drop & that's ok if new growth continues.

It will take months for roots to take off.