DIY Mercury Glass Christmas Orb

silver mercury glass orb

Raise your hand if you have fun scavenging for odd bits and bobs so that you can repurpose them into something amazing. The ideas went sprinting thru my head, but one of the ideas certainly had Christmas on my mind.

My hand is waaayyy up there.

I love to shop barn sales, yard sale and vintage markets for fun interesting pieces with potential.

When I was out shopping this spring, right before the pandemic hit, I found this crate full of glass globes.

glass globes

They kinda look like giant Christmas ornaments, don’t they?

For me, Christmas ornaments need to be shiny, sparkly, and twinkly.

I am thinking mercury glass and fairy lights.

Are you ready?

These lighted Christmas orbs, or ornaments, are so easy to make.

Here’s what you need to make yours:

  • Glass Globes from old light fixtures
  • Rustoleum Mirror Finish Spray Paint
  • Battery Operated Fairy Lights [don’t forget the batteries!]
  • Footed base
  • Spray Bottle
  • Vinegar

Mercury Glass is created by misting vinegar on glass and spraying with mirror finish spray paint. Mirror finish comes in several colors, for this project I used gold mirror finish and silver mirror finish.

gold metallic spray paint krylon rust-oleum

Since I have several glass globes, I felt the need to make a couple Christmas orbs, or ornaments. I am still not sure which sounds better.

Ornaments or orbs?

Back to our project.
Lets start outside, when using spray paint, outside is always best.

Start by adding a bit of vinegar to a spray bottle and spritz the inside of your glass globe.

Then spray a couple of quick bursts of the mirror finish paint inside the glass globe.

Your goal is light even coverage.

spraying glass globes

For the gold globe, I actually sprayed the gold mirror finish. Once it is fully dry, I spritzed the vinegar again and then sprayed the silver. Just a couple bursts for double the shush.

The groovy glass globe, the globe that was hiding in the crate with all the grooves, was spritzed with vinegar and the silver mirror finish only.

I wanted the two globes to be different.

The vinegar prevents the paint from sticking.

It creates all these beautiful imperfect spaces for the fairy lights to peek thru.
There is perfection in imperfection, one of the reasons that I love me some mercury glass.

While your globes are drying, check the batteries in your fairy lights.
I keep my batteries together in a safe place.

Now I don`t always remember where that safe place is, so I end up buying another pack of batteries from Amazon.

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The batteries are fresh, the fairy lights twinkle and the globes are dry.

Let`s get these beauties finished up.

For the first orb, I fished the fairy lights thru a disassembled base of an old light fixture.

Feed the strand of fairy lights thru to the top.

Then tuck the fairy lights in your orb, or ornament.
Have we decided what to call it, yet?
Christmas Orb or Christmas ornament…I am still on the fence.

lights inside mercury glass christmas orb

Then secure the glass globe to the base.

I like to use a base where I can hide the battery pack.

A bit of double sided tape holds it on the underside so you can still access it and turn it off and on.

These fairy lights have an auto shut off.

They will reaming on for a hours, shut off automatically and then turn back on at the same time the next day.

I LOVE that it is so easy to set it once and leave it be. Well until I need to change the batteries.

This vintage milk glass vase fit perfectly fit the light base.

How gorgeous is this?

lighted DIY mercury glass christmas orb

I was playing around with options to make it even easier.

When looking for a base, I like to use something footed to give it height.
You can forgo the fancy base that I used on the first globe and just tuck the lights and the battery pack in the globe.
Then place on top of your base.
Another milk glass base looks so loverly with the gold orb sitting on top.

mercury glass christmas orb lighted

I found a vintage silver goblet to go with my silver groovy globe.

silver mercury glass christmas orb

I just adore them atop my mantle for Christmas.

two DIY mercury glass christmas orbs

Setting the fairy lights to twinkle makes it oh so Christmasy.

This project was so easy, I made a few of the them…but I still need your help.

What should be call them Christmas orbs or ornaments? Let me know in the comments.

I hope this puts you in the DIY Christmas mood.
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I hope you will check out their beautiful projects.

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