How to create a pet bed

I happen to have the cutest office manager. This is my pet cat, her name is Lulu.

lulu our cutest office manager

She’s a bit of a micromanger.

Lulu likes to keep a very close eye on my DIY projects.

lulu a bit of a micromanager
Office manager Lulu keeping a close eye on my sewing project

A VERY close eye.

She is quite detail oriented and wants to make sure things are done properly.

Every now and again, she trusts that I have the project under control and takes a cat nap.

This little cutie can sleep ANYWHERE.

lulu sleeping anywhere

Her favorite places to hang, like most kitties, are boxes and baskets.

If she fits, she sits.

I was looking for pet bed for her online and thought, I have so many baskets so I should make one for her.

She loves my projects so.

The best part? The DIY version is MUCH less expensive than a store bough one.

Did I mention it was SUPER easy to make?

Here’s what you need

  • A nice oval basket (a rectangular one can work, too!)
  • An old pillow (with a nice sham)
  • Spray paint
  • A cute office manager who will (hopefully) appreciate the gift.

This is such a great project for repurposing.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good basket, (or pillow) floating around.

Just head to your favorite Goodwill or other local thrift shop.

Once you have your basket, grab an old pillow.

It could be an old bed plow or throw pillow.

Just as long as it is soft and squishy.

Because soft and squishy are the best kind of pillows.

Make sure the sham is removable because it makes it so much easier to clean.

old pillow for the pet bed

oh, what is that black spot in the picture? The one on my thumb?
It was pinched when I was working on another DIY project.

Whopsie, ended up with a blood blister.

Back to the sham. Make sure it is removable because it is so convenient to just toss it in the laundry!

Just make sure to remove as much pet fur as possible, other wise you may end up with fur all over EVERYTHING.

One to the basket.

Grab a can of your favorite spray paint, because you need to get in all the nooks and crannies of the woven basket.

spray paint for the pet bed

For Lulu’s basket bed, I chose Rustoleum Matte in Robin’s Egg.

It’s a beautiful soft blue with green undertones.

Or is it a soft green with blue undertones?

Either way, I love the color.

It will go perfectly with my French Country Cottage decor.

Now, this may seem like a silly, but please spray paint outside.

You know the whole “spray in a well ventilated area” thing, outside is perfect.

On a not so windy day.

Quick tip, when you are spray painting, prop the item you are painting up on something.

A planter from last season was perfect for spray painting the basket.

spray painting the nice oval basket as the pet bed

It makes it easier to spray when it is off the ground.

And you shouldn’t need to pick off any blades of grass that get stuck.

Because that has NEVER happened to me πŸ˜‰

I love the sprayer on this Rustoleum spray paint.

You know the standard tiny spray tip, that you press with your finger til you can’t feel your finger anymore?

This one is so much easier on your fingers.

Give the trigger a squeeze and coat the basket in light even sprays.

Spray paint is perfect for this project, it makes it easy to get great coverage.

Once the first coat is dry, it may need a second coat.

I like to let paint cure at least 24 hours.

Once your basket is dry, you are almost done!

The last step is to just pop the pillow in the basket.

Since my basket was oval, I placed the pillow diagonally, and tucked the corners.

Easy peasy.

Isn’t it a cute little pet bed?

cute little pet bed

I think Lulu agrees.

photogenic lulu on her new pet bed

I placed it near the radiator so it keeps her nice and toasty on chilly days.

sleepy lulu loving her pet bed

Gifts are always better when made with love.

After all, Lulu is short for Love U, Love U.

That looks so much more comfy than my extension cord.

Now that Lulu is napping in her new bed, it’s time for a new project.

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    1. Thank you <3 she does love her new bed. I am so happy because pets can be funny about beds. They would rather be in yours, LOL.

    1. Thank you. Lulu likes to keep an eye on my projects. She’s QUITE the office manager πŸ™‚ so it was time that a project was dedicated to her.

    1. Thank you so much for featuring my sweet rescue Lulu. She has been a fabulous office manager and loves to pose for photos πŸ™‚

  1. Awww! Juliet, Lulu steals my heart… When I was little, we lived in Hawaii (Oahu) and we ended up taking care of our neighbors’ cat when they moved back to England. The husband was on an RAF/USAF exchange program. Patches was a lovely cat and a tortoise like yours, almost exactly like your Lulu… Makes me teary! Anyway, I was really bummed that I couldn’t pull in a photograph to go with the Honorable Mention for Share Your Style #303 this evening, but it might be the way you have copyright protection (which is great!) or because of the platform you write with, who knows! πŸ™‚ But I was able to share to Pinterest several times!!

    Anyway, I was happy to share your sweet girl and her new bed. <3
    Spring hugs to you,
    Barb πŸ™‚

    1. Why thank you, she is my little angel. It is funny how many people still don’t know what a tortie is.
      You have such a generous heart to take care of the kitty when the neighbors left – though I would NEVER leave my little ones behind.

      I almost lost her a few years back when we lost our home in a fire.
      Unfortunately, I lost her sister who was muted tortie.

      If you ever need photos, drop me an email πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you – pets sure are funny. You buy an expensive bed and they prefer a box. πŸ™‚
      Your kitty’s favorite spot is probably anywhere you are.

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