Doe a Deer


The weather is warm and the deer are out, so be careful.

On my way home tonight I was driving down St. Mary’s my headlights caught something large in the road.  As I drove close, I noticed it was a deer laying down on the side of the road.  It looked like she’d been hit.

However, her bum was over the white line and I was afraid someone is going to hit her again.

I pulled over and put on my blinkers to protect us, and cautiously approached her to see if she was okay.   I could see tufts of fur on the ground, poor little lady, she was hurt.

Since part of her body was in the road, we needed to get up to get to a safe place.

So there I am, in the dark, on the side of the road, trying to coax her up.

“Come on sweet girl, you can do it.”
She stared at me blankly.
Come on sweet girl, we gotta get you up.

After a bit of coaxing, and a few cars flying by, she was able to get up on her feet. She was trying to steady herself, but she still needed to shake off the hit.

“Ok sweet girl, off to the woods to safety.  Just a few steps.”
She just stared at me with her big doe eyes, trying so hard to gain her composure.

“It’s ok, sweet girl, you did a good job standing up, now let’s get you off to the woods.”
“Come on, off to the woods…” as I try to shoo her towards the woods and hope she doesn’t bolt back into traffic.

I reach out and stroke her head, “come on we need to get you off the road” as cars zoom by.

For 10 minutes I stand with her on the side of the road, cheering her on.

“You can do it! Come on, just a few feet! You got this, sweet girl, come on, off to the woods”

There we are at dusk, I am trying to make sure cars can see us while trying to get her to safety.

I can’t just leave her, another car hitting her would be fatal.
I try to make a louder noise cat her, trying to startle her into the woods.

FINALLY, she flashes her white tail and off she springs into the woods.

Standing on the side of the road cheering “GOOD JOB! You did it!!”

Arms up in the air in victory.  God speed, sweet girl. I hope you can heal quickly.

As I got in back in my car, I reflected on the past 20 minutes.

The first thing that popped into my head was, “I must have looked like a moron on the side of the road talking to a deer.” [chuckle] I am mocked for talking to the animals.  Comparisons jokingly abound that I am a bit like Snow White.  

Then it hit me, not one person slowed down or offered to help.

If you saw an injured animal or someone who needed help, would you stop to help them?

I hope that you would.  Kindness comes in many forms.  I think that one’s character is born from how we treat other living creatures, big or small.

Have you ever helped an animal in need?  I would love to hear your Snow White’s tail, er tale.

ox – Juliet


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