DIY Rental-Friendly Feature Wall on a Budget

I wanted a feature wall behind my bed, but didn't want to damage the walls of my rental.

So, I picked up 2 pairs of wood bifold doors at a barn sale for $10...

 I painted them with some leftover white paint.

Then I added some gold leaf I had left over with some adhesive and a heavily used chip brush.

I dipped just the tips in the adhesive and roughly brushed on the gold leaf adhesive in random spots on the door panels.

After the adhesive is applied, watch for color to turn from white to clear. It should be tacky, so that the gold foil will stick during the application process.

Once the gold leaf is pressed on the adhesive, the brush is used to gently wipe away the loose golf leaf. I swipe it toward more adhesive so the little pieces stick.

This is what it will look like with the gold applied at random places.

Blend the edges and let some of the gold peek thru for a distressed look.

Here's the BIG TRICK!

Using a cheap chip brush, I lightly painted over the gold leaf with the white paint.

Once the paint dried, I lightly used a 180 grit sandpaper to distress the paint and expose a bit more of the shiny gold.