How to Transform Side Tables into a Sideboard

Have you ever had a pair of side tables sitting in storage that you don’t want to part with but you just don’t know where to use them?

Let me show you how I did it!

A family had inherited a pair of side tables with beautiful details. They needed a TV/gaming table and asked if I could help.

First I gathered supplies:

– stain or paint – shelf hardware – L brackets – plywood – wood trim – legs – hardware to attach legs – sandpaper – drill – Mr. Clean sponges – miter saw – brad nailer or hammer and nails – wood glue – measuring tape

Next, determine the size of the sideboard:

You can always use painters tape on the floor to visually block of the space.

I added 2 inches for over hang [one inch per side length and 2 for width] to get the size of the top board.

Get a piece of lumbar for the top piece, cut to correct size if needed, and stain or paint it.

Tip: It's very important to prep the piece for painting or staining.

Then add & stain trim. Fresh cut wood has a raw edge, so adding trim to the perimeter of the top creates a beautiful edge.

Time to Assemble! Add the legs, the interior shelf brackets, and the top piece connecting the two side tables.

I love how it turned out and, even better, so did my clients!

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