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Easy Under Bed Storage DIY

My featured project today is a super EASY under bed storage solution using reclaimed dresser drawers from an antique hand hewn dresser

Welcome to Finish Up February, another Loverly Blog Hop featuring projects some of my blogging friends as we inspire each other to finish up projects around the house.

We all have projects that never seem to get finished because life gets in the way.

Having friends to help support you kinda makes it easier to check off something else off our to do lists!

My project is a super EASY.

Who doesn’t love an easy project?

An easy project that creates extra storage is just gold!

I think one of the most forgotten storage spaces in our homes is under our beds.

Now, I am not sure about you but when you think about what’s hiding under your bed

like dust bunnies
or a couple of stray socks
or the perfect hiding place for your kids
your pets

or monsters?

Well, no mater what is under your bed

let’s make good use of that space by creating a super easy storage solution
and maybe save a little room for our pets
(but not monsters)

Are you ready for this super easy DIY that will give you extra storage space?

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • sturdy old dresser drawers
  • swivel casters w/screws
  • old quilt or liner (optional)

That’s it!

Now for tools:

  • a pencil or marker
  • power drill
  • drill bit for machine screw holes
  • screw driver or pliers to help tighten the nuts

So this is where it started

hand hewn dresser a loverly life

A beautiful, antique hand hewn dresser, but it was falling apart

The top was split and the joints were broken

but the drawers were in great shape!

I decided to use 2 of the drawers for my project.

They are nice and roomy

and the perfect height to fit under the bed

pair of old drawers

I found these metal swivel wheels on sale at Hobby Lobby

swivel caster wheels for easy under bed storage DIY

Amazon has a great selection, and these are all under $20 for a set of 4 or 8!

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Once you have your swivel wheels, flip your drawer upside down

and place the wheels on the bottom of the drawer to find the best placement

if you have a supervisor, like my tortie Lulu, give her some pets

 swivel wheels with assistant lulu tortie cat for underbed storage DIY

Since this drawer was hand made, the bottom is actually beveled

The swivel casters need to be placed on a flat section of the drawer

view of bottom hand hewn reclaimed wood dresser drawer

Once you place the wheels, mark the holes with a pencil or marker

marking holes for wheels

then drill holes for the screws using a bit just slightly larger than the diameter of the screws

drill holes for swivel caster wheels

Once you have the holes drilled, attach the swivel wheels with the screws that came with the wheels

screws that came with casters

Unless the depth of the wood is thicker than your screws

like this

 screws were too short

They aren’t long enough, so I couldn’t secure the nuts

Luckily, I had plenty of longer screws in my supplies

replacement machine screws for casters

now that I have the right length screw, I can attach the wheels

Repeat the process for all 4 wheels

How easy was that?

 view of attached wheels on bottom of reclaimed drawer for easy under bed storage DIY

Now I wanted to use my under bed storage drawers for shoes

So I found an old quilt and cut it just a bit larger than the inside of the drawer

Then I folder the edges under to make is fit snug.

It provides a bit of protection so the shoes don’t get scuffed
You can really store anything in them underbed storage drawers

I actually planned to use drawers under my bed as storage for some of my favorite shoes

easy underbed storage solution reclaimed drawers shoe filled

This DIY was so easy and now I can roll the drawer under my bed and tuck my shoes away

They roll easily back and forth, so I can access my shoes whenever I need a pair of heels
And there is still enough space for the kitties to hide out
(but no room for monsters under the bed!)

Wasn’t that the easiest under bed storage solution?

Now if you don’t have spare dresser drawers hanging around, here are a few great options for under bed storage

Could you use underbed storage like this?

I am so glad I go this project finally finished!

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  1. such a great project, Juliet! I have some casters that I found in my dad’s workshop. Now I just need the drawers! thanks for sharing this great project and for putting together the hop!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! I am sure you will find an old dresser when you are out thrifting 🙂 Under our beds is such an under utilized storage space [excepts for dust and pet hair, LOL.

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