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Easy DIY Thankful Sign using ColorShot Paint Markers

Today I am sharing the EASIEST DIY reclaimed window sign to share with you using ColorShot Markers.

This isn’t a traditional sign, because we are using the reclaimed window.
But using a reclaimed window is what makes this such an easy DIY.

ColorShot Paint Pens
ColorShot Paint Markers – click on the photo to purchase

Here’s what you need:

ColorShot paint markers in your favorite colors – you can find them at Home Depot

An old window

Sign Design Graphic

A printer [inkjet or laserjet will do]

Painters tape

To start, make sure to clean the window, so that the paint will adhere properly.

reclaimed window
reclaimed window to be used for easy DIY sign with ColorShot paint pens

Then, pick out the image you want to use, I chose a quote “There is always something to be thankful for”.

It’s a loverly reminder that no matter what kind of day you are having, that we should be thankful for all we are gifted with.

Next, figure out the size you want the image to be on the window.
If you don’t have paper large enough, don’t worry about it.
There are a couple of options to help you accomplish this.

You can send the image to Staples or a local print shop and have them enlarge the image for you OR

Use a computer program like PAINT or Adobe Photoshop to cut the image in half.

Leave a little extra border on each end when you print the image.
It helps with the alignment.

template sign for easy DIY sign using ColorShot paint pens

I trimmed the left edge flush with the text, and then overlapped the second image to make it look like one larger image.

Now it looks like one large image.

Pretty neat trick, isn’t it?

template sign for easy DIY sign using ColorShot paint pen

Next, place the image on the back of the window and center it with the image facing the glass.
Then secure it with painters tape.

tape template to back of sign for easy DIY sign using ColorShot paint pen

Flip your window over to reveal the image.
You will use this as a template to trace with your with your ColorShot paint pens

ColorShot Paint Pens

The ColorShot paint pens are SO easy to use and come in a variety of colors.

ColorShot Paint Pens easy DIY sign

I couldn’t decide which paint color I liked the most, so I used them all!

Easy DIY sign with ColorShot Paint Pens and reclaimed window

I mean, why not?
The colors are so vibrant, even on glass!

All you have to do is trace the image with the paint pens.
I used a different color paint pen for each line of text.

ColorShot Paint pen with a twist

The ColorShot paint pens have the cutest names, too.
The green one I used it called “with a twist”, like a twist of lime.
The orange one is “orange slice”

orange twist color shot paint maker

Keep in mind, when tracing the image, you don’t have to be exact.
I think switching up the swirls kind of make it more custom, more YOU!

ColorShot paint pens reclaimed window sign

Once the image is all traced, I went back in and highlighted some of the letters by adding little dots with a contrast color.

Once you finish the little details, remove the paper from the back of the image to reveal your beautiful reclaimed window sign.


ColorShot paint pens recaimed window sign

reclaimed window sign using ColorShot paint pens

How easy was that?

I just love the pops of color from the ColorShot paint markers.

My friends and I wanted to show you how fun and easy they are to use, so we are all featuring projects using our ColorShot paint pens.

They come in so many colors!

Make sure to check out all their fabulous projects, too!

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  1. This turned out so cute! The bright colors are very eye catching and I like how you combined many colors. Happy to hop with you!

  2. Such a fun project Juliet! I completely overlooked the paint markers in my bag so after seeing all of the projects from this collaboration, I need to get them out of the bag!! Pinning

    1. Thanks, Linda. I am trying to play with the graphic so that I can offer it as a printable sign.

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